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End-to-end solutions

In our company we create end-to-end solutions, optimising your products and processes. We support our clients at research & development and industrialization stages and rapidly scale up your production capacity. With our extensive expertise, we proficiently distribute spare parts and provide machine servicing throughout Europe, guaranteeing seamless and uninterrupted operations.

Longterm experience

With more than 30 years’ experience in mechanical manufacturing and over 10 years of Research & Development and Service, we are a reliable outsourcing company for partners operating in product development, production and service industries.

Customized partnership

At our company, we recognize the individuality of each project. Therefore, we offer flexible cooperation models designed to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require assistance during the initial phases of product development or seek a dependable partner for a complete end-to-end solution, we are committed to making it a reality.

Key facts

years of experience
units produced
anual capacity

Our offer



R&D and design

Outsource your design processes to us for research-driven innovation and optimised product improvements, leveraging our expertise to achieve design excellence.



Testing & industrialization

Improve product performance, ensure rigorous quality assurance, and accelerate time to market.




Maximise product excellence, enhance quality assurance, and expedite time to market.



Spare parts

Ensure a continuous and seamless supply of reliable, high-quality spare parts, efficiently distributed to any location.



Service & maintenance

Experience smooth machine placement and effective product service across Europe

Tailored Product Offerings

Discover our diverse range of innovative solutions and partner with us to bring these products to life according to your unique needs.

Recycling vending Machines
Machine enclosures
Self-service Machines
Electric vehicle charging stations
Battery casings
many more

Your benefits

Reduced costs

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we optimise every stage of your product development, production and everyday service. We save your costs by implementing innovative ideas for your products and advanced organisational processes.

Access to experts

We provide you with a dedicated team with highly advanced knowledge and experience in product development, manufacturing and service, allowing your company to leverage its expertise without having to invest in extensive training or hiring.

Easy to scale up

We can quickly scale up our resources and capacity to accommodate changing needs. This flexibility helps you to adapt to market conditions more effectively.

Improved quality and efficiency

Your company can improve quality and efficiency in the outsourced process. We offer you well-established processes, quality control, and performance metrics, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Focus on core competencies

By outsourcing your manufacturing project to us, you can dedicate your resources to higher-order tasks like strategizing and planning, improving overall efficiency and productivity in its primary areas of expertise.