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Today, we are proud to provide R&D, manufacturing and service of

delivery infrastructure
for leading logistics companies and retailers

in the EU markets.


Cooperation with leading click & collect chain in Europe



One of our main clients are Inpost and Mondial Relay which have created the biggest parcel locker network in Europe. To date, we have produced more than 40,000 parcel locker units for this highly popular click & collect chain.

In 2022 we’ve started supplying Inpost with robotic solutions – PickupHero Convenience – which will be dedicated for premium international locations with limited space in Poland, France, UK and Spain in the near future.


In 2021, we started providing service, maintenance and spare parts for Mondial Relay. As a producer of parcel lockers, we have the best understanding of how the machines perform. Moreover, since we produce most of the components that are needed for service and have direct contact with all suppliers, we are able to quickly react to a demand for spare parts.

> 5 500 APM

in France and Belgium
in 2023

SLA > 95%

next business day service

Mondial Relay

Mondial Relay operates as a parcel collection and delivery service that facilitates the transportation of packages within France and also to various European countries.

We take pride in being the trusted service and maintenance partner for Mondial Relay, providing comprehensive support to ensure the smooth operation of their network.

SLA > 95% & higher

next business day

4000 machines

serviced by us


Our expert team delivers top-notch serivce and maintenance solutions, keeping their equipment in peak condition and minimizing downtime.

Spare parts

Additionally, we supply Mondial Relay with reliable, high-quality spare parts, ensuring that their parcel delivery services remain uninterrupted and efficient at all times.


Cooperation with fast growing e-grocery pickup chain in France

Delipop is a pioneer on the click & collect market in Paris as the first multibrand click & collect network in the world, dedicated to e-grocery shopping. 

Our company was responsible for development and industrialisation of robotic pickup solution, dedicated to storage of fresh and frozen food. 

Uptime > 99% & higher

SLA > 95%

Today, we are responsible for:


Cooperation with a leader of retail in France

We have provided Carrefour with a robotic solution for e-grocery pickup: Arctan Urban.

We were responsible for:

Retail Robotics

Retail Robotics is a company that specialises in providing both traditional and robotic parcel lockers for self-service pickup, specifically designed for e-commerce and e-grocery.

RR Outsourcing offers comprehensive support, including:


Solution for e-commerce

We produce, service and supply spare parts for automated machines – PickupHero Convenience – which are the smallest and most efficient robotic parcel locker in the world.

Solution for e-grocery

Our company is responsible for manufacturing, service and spare parts supply for robotic solutions – Arctan Urban – highly effective automated click & collect machine for online grocery shopping.


End-to-end Product Spectrum

We have a proven track record of developing wide range of products from the design phase through to seamless service and maintenance.

Recycling vending Machines

Parcel sending lockers

Refrigerated vending Machines

Self-service laundry kiosk

Sandblasting machine


Recycling vending machines
Self-service laundry kiosk
Sandblasting machine